Why Us

Al Murakush Society reflects the spirit of enterprise that animates modern-day Muhammadanism. The Society is part of a sprawling of Moorish Islamic cooperative-owned corporate empire that  helps spread al Murakush message, increasing economic self-reliance, and building  Murakush (which means “Land of God) on earth. Moors should choose to join and support Al Murakush Society because Al Murakush Society has the infrastructure that can support & nurture the rich and diverse cultural heritage, history and legacy of our ancestral predecessors the Moors. Here at Al Murakush we have developed a system that address the major needs of American Born Moors.  We have refined and simplified the “Al Murakush Process” to be overall much more affordable and effective than all other Organizations, or entities of a similar type.


Al Murakush Society is an umbrella organization for many of the Murakush for-profit businesses.  We have spent a significant time, systemically making sure Al Murakush Process was completely Al Sharia compliant & that it is legally compliant with all Federal, State & Local Laws. With us, Moors can rest assure that they will be provided with the proper tools, resources and education to fully execute the perfection of their status adjustment.

Many Moors or those who purport to be Moors have completely mixed up ideologies, and fantastical fictional creations of how Moorish Indigenous Nationality should be applied, or how to petition administrative authorities for recognition. Many of these Moors and their organizations are completely confused about many of the facts, and technical details surrounding the environment of indigenous nationality. We at Al Murakush Society can and will clear up any and all misconceptions regarding what has come to be known as “Moorish Nationality.”

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Quran; Surat Ar-Ra'd 13:20
Those who fulfill the Covenant of Allah and break not the Mithaq (bond, treaty, covenant);