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Is Al Murakush Society a Sovereign Indigenous Nation?

Al Murakush Society is not a Sovereign Indigenous Nation. However Murakush is an indigenous Islamic autonomous corporate body politic. As Muslims we maintain that only Allah (God) can truly be Sovereign and humanity can only be a trustee in relation to dominion over the Earth. By using the available laws internationally and nationally on indigenous rights, religious freedoms, and civil and political rights, we are able to maintain a level of autonomy in regards to our internal affairs within larger society and its laws.

Is Al Murakush Society apart of the Sovereign Citizens Movement?

Al Murakush Society is not apart of the Sovereign Citizens Movement, and nor do we share the same ideologies or beliefs. We find the term “Sovereign Citizen” to be an oxymoron considering that the nature of a “Citizen” is a subject and the nature of a “Sovereign” is master; therefore one cannot be both at the same time. This to us is a complete fallacy and is the main reason we do not support, endorse, or adhere to any Sovereign Citizen Doctrines.

Does Al Murakush Society use the Redemption U.C.C. Process?

Al Murakush Society does not endorse or adhere to any redemption theories about the straw man & U.C.C.’s, process. We find such theories to be completely ridiculous and nonsensical. The U.C.C.’s have their application in the national and international laws of the world, however this is restricted to specific purposes related to commercial transactions, and do not make one a “sovereign” just because they have filed a U.C.C. Financing statement.

Is Al Murakush Society affiliated with any other Moorish Organization(s)?

Al Murakush Society is not affiliated with any other Moorish Organizations. We have found through our research and past experiences that most of the organizations purporting to be Moorish Organizations are actually not even legally incorporated and are havens for scam artist & scoff laws. We have that through our research that even those organizations that to purport to be of a Moorish Nature; and who are legally incorporated, have major conflicts of interest, religious & ideological differences that are just to vast and great to overcome. Due to many factors Al Murakush Society does not endorse or support any organization purporting to be a Moorish Organization and or represent Moorish Issues.

Can Al Murakush Society help me with my legal issues?

Al Murakush Society is not a law firm, and does offer legal advice or legal representation. Members are advised to seek legal counsel if they feel they need it. Al Murakush Society is currently developing a legal fund that all members must support, which will allow us to assists our members with any litigation issues they may have, by establishing a network of Muslim Attorneys, who are well versed in Sharia Law, corporate law, business law, Tribal law, religious freedoms, federal law, state law, and criminal law. Although we do not give legal advice, we do offer educational tools on civics, pro se & pre trial solutions to our members through our enrollment courses. Quite a few Moors find themselves engulfed in legal issues ranging from foreclosures, traffic tickets & fines, child support and even some times criminal. Our solution at Al Murakush Society for our members is to live Pious life according to Quran & Sunnah, which would alleviate much of the mistakes made which lead to these types of legal issues in most cases (not all).

I have children; can they be members of Al Murakush Society?

Children are very much welcomed into Al Murakush Society; along with our MCD Project we will build many private schools for the children of our members. The enrollment fee will be waived for all Children ranging from infants to Age 12. Ages 12 to 18 get 50% off on the enrollment fee.

Must I expatriate from my existing country, or renounce my current citizenship to become an official member of Al Murakush Society?

No. Potential members do not have to expatriate or renounce their current citizenship in order to become members of Al Murakush Society. Potential members have the choice of keeping their current citizenship, having dual nationality & citizenship or expatriating, depending on what benefits them the most. According to UNDRIP, indigenous nationality/membership or citizenship does not conflict with current international laws relative to nationality & citizenship However in order for potential members to participate within the executive level of Al Murakush Society they must be expatriates owing no allegiance to any foreign power other than what is prescribed & outlined within the Murakush Constitution & The Quran.

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