On N.D.A (Noble Drew Ali)

          First and foremost we want to begin by saying this is no attack on the M.S.T. of A  as an entity started by Noble Drew Ali or an attack on the man who is known as the prophet of the Moorish Science Temple of America. Our duty is to clear up the misconceptions concerning certain beliefs of the above religious org. so those who are a part of the “Moorish Paradigm”(as well as those entering)  can get the facts. And this should not be a problem in the “Keep it real” age, or the “Age of information”. We, at the Murakush Society do not go on illogical rants based on misinformation, but are a society who teaches it’s members to be diligent in their research and studies so that We, as a group can extract the proper information, thus re-educate those interested in learning the truth via our presentations of the various topics that are often debated within the “Conscious Community”.

This particular blog was written for that exact purpose. Not to cause confusion, animosity, or to knock any organization for their beliefs, doctrines, etc…  In fact this should be a service to those seeking the Truth in regards to this “Moorish thing”. Clearing up the misinformation, which is obviously the source of all the debating back and forth and has become the cause of division between Moors and the larger Islamic world is extremely necessary and long overdue.  This misinformation has been the reason why Moors in particular ,and  Negros  in general have not been able to mobilize off the things brothers like Noble Drew Ali (one example) have brought that is still relevant today, such as proclaiming one’s nationality.

Since Noble Drew Ali did not provide detailed instruction on the proper way to correct our status, Murakush Society provides detailed instructions on what legal procedures are necessary for a Moor under Negro, Black, Colored or African American to properly and effectively correct and document his or her status properly.  In that way your proclamation will have some relevancy, especially whenever one has a legal situation or any commercial related matter. But in order for us to be of service to the many of you descendants of Moroccans born in America we have to dead all the mythos to get from point A to point B. We are about utilizing the legal instruments on the record that pertains to Moors to do things the way they should be done, in accordance with THE LAW! We, at the Murakush Society aren’t interested in the sovereign citizen theories or trying to bend the laws in no way form or fashion, which seems to be another misconception about us and what we are about.

Although WE, the Murakush Society do not agree with all of the things that has been taught by the late Noble Drew Ali and is being taught by the M.S.T. of A, one cannot approach topics dealing with Moors in North America without touching on their doctrine. Actually it has been the mis-information disseminated since the death of brother NDA, particularly in the temple, that has spawned a bunch of, as one Judge called them, “Scofflaws”.  This piece here will address a couple of things and isn’t meant to address all. There will be books and blogs in the future, (Inshallah) that will address many of the other things that people are confused about. In this short blog we will deal with some of the religious indoctrination that goes on in regards to the prophet hood of Noble Drew Ali, as well as some of the non-Islamic elements of “M.S.T.A Islamism.” This is obviously a religious discussion, and has nothing to do with the legal and political aspects of what Moors would usually deal with. But nevertheless it needs to be addressed because this is the main thing that has not only alienated the M.S.T. of A from the rest of the Islamic world, but  has prevented Moors from effectively exercising their Religious, and political  rights  within the United States.

To start, we will ask a quick question. Question: If the members of the M.S.T of A insist that they are Moslems (Muslims) then why isit so hard for them to accept the fact that Noble Drew Ali just can’t be the last prophet of Allah? A true Muslim takes a shahada and declares “La illiha il Allah, Muhammadan Rasullu la”, meaning that “there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger”.  That is the Muslim declaration of belief and this is what makes a Muslim, Muslim.[1]   By the way this is also the first pillar of Islam (Study the 5 pillars of Islam).[2]  This is a very critical question because however you want to chop it up, the bottom line is Muhammad of 1400 plus years ago, was and is the last prophet in Islam!  Muhammad was what we will call “The MAN” in Islam. Just as Jesus is “The MAN” in Christianity, and Buddha is “The MAN” in Buddhism.  So Noble Drew Ali who comes later on down the line just cannot usurp that position when it’s already etched in stone.

Now various arguments will spawn from the question, but at the same time they will be arguments that will overlook that one simple fact. They will argue that what they are teaching is Islamism, and not Islam. Of course a response like that is unintelligible based on the fact that the Man himself said that he derived his power from the “great Koran of Mohammad”, some will say the “Great Koran of Mecca”. SEE MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA LITERATURE OR MOORISH AMERICAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT LITERATURE OR MOORISH AMERICAN NATIONAL REPUBLIC LITERATURE.

According to their articles of organization or Moorish Authority Form filed in the State of Illinois, Cook County, on August 1, 1928 at 2:52 p.m, it says,

“The Moorish Science Temple of America deriving its power and authority from the Great Koran of Mohammed to propagate  the faith and to extend the learning and truth of the Great Prophet of Alli in America.” State of llinois Cook County SS. NO. 10105905 Book 521 Page 79.

Another thing that will come up is that Allah sent messengers to people of every nation, so why wouldn’t he send one to those who are here in,  where some may call the “Wilderness of North America”?  Thus the Quran says, “And for every Ummah (a community or a nation), there is a Messenger; when their Messenger comes, the matter will be judged between them with justice, and they will not be wronged.” (Qur’an 10:47)

The thing with this is that although Noble Drew Ali should be commended for introducing Islam (in his own style) to many, it is very well documented that it wasn’t ” new” to every single person of Moorish or “African” descent if you will.  His approach may have been “new” but certainly not the presence of Islam.  A contemporary of his was Duse Muhammad Ali, [3] ( A Pan-Africanist)  a dark-skinned brother, who was Egyptian born and adorned the fez and would have had knowledge of Morocco and obviously Islam.  It is also worth mentioning Edward Wilmont Blyden’s work “Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race in 1888, which was written a year or two after NDA was born!!!  Blyden also speaks of Moors in this work.

To go a little deeper lets look at the lead character in the movie ROOTS by Alex Haley  called Kunta Kinte who was born in the mid-1700’s,  but is said to have been based on a true story.

“Haley’s sources for the origins of Kinte were oral family tradition and a man he found in The Gambia named Kebba Kanga Fofana, who claimed knowledge of the Kintes. He described them as a family in which the men were blacksmiths, descended from a marabout named Kairaba Kunta Kinte, originally from  Mauretania. Haley quoted Fofana as telling him: “About the time the king’s soldiers came, the eldest of these four sons, Kunta, went away from this village to chop wood and was never seen again.”

In fact, the Almanac of African Peoples and Nations, by Muhammad Zuhdi  Yakan  mentions that the  marabouts were Moors on page 538.

” The Moors are divided into many groups, including the Chaamba, Hassaouna, Haratin (also known as Kamadja) Imraguen,  Ouled Tidrarin,  Ouled Delim,  Ait Lahsen,  Izarguien, Marabouts, and Rguibat…”

Haley also conceded in a legal action that much of the detail of Kinte’s life was drawn from The African, a book by Harold Courlander..”4

According to another source, Kunta Kinte was Alex Haley’s distant relative and was from Juffure , which is in Gambia,[4] and Gambia today is also  the home of  the Maure or Moors!!!!

Members of the M.S.T.A often scoff at the possibility that NDA could have been  a part of the Shriners organization. It is not our contention here at Al Murakush Society  that he was or wasn’t because we simply don’t have the evidence to support that claim. However,   anyone who looks at the pictures of him couldn’t help but to  get the impression that he was.  This is a topic, that we shall be explore in later blogs. It is often said that the  Shriners deal with the lower degrees of Islam and they possess a Qur’an.  NDA’s understanding and  usage of  Masonic symbols, grips and postures is why some scholars have made the claims that he was a Shriner, and that this is how he was introduced to Islam. Some may argue against this by saying things like “show and prove” or “where’s the evidence?” Other than the fact that no one has been able to show how he came into the knowledge of Islam, it will suffice to introduce  a couple of primary sources that have  stimulated these types of claims. These images are also illustrated in Keith Moore’s book, “Moorish Circle 7” who alludes to Noble Drew’s affiliation with Freemasonry among others.

                                                           The symbols above show the Masonic influence on Noble Drew Ali,   and not necessarily membership into any Masonic lodge. That needs to be cleared based upon the lack of evidence as aforementioned. Upon looking at the Moorish “Nationality card above , the “UNITY” symbol seems to be the grip of Tubal Cain [5] (SEE BELOW) , although older Moors will say it isn’t the same one.  COOL.





There is no documentation that exists that proves NDA ever went out of the country, moreless Egypt! Since some will insist that he was taught in Kemet and  wasn’t apart of any fraternal order, then who can prove  that the various symbols, gestures and stances (poses) are Kemetic in origin as opposed to being Masonic? The usual argument is  that Masons stole all the ancient kemetic teachings and that these ancient teachings are part of the core secret knowledge of  them fraternal organizations.  Even if that claim has any  validity to it (which is not a debate at this point) that still does not prove that he was taught in Egypt or North Africa as some have insinuated.  Of course unless they are referring to  “New Egypt, New Jersey.(SEE link at footnote 16)  Again it is not our contention that he was or wasn’t a Mason, but inquiring minds would like to know once and for all, because this has always been a question that has never been answered satisfactorily. And being that his teaching (namely the circle 7 Koran) has some masonic elements, it is safe to surmise that that is where he got some of his information from. Even if the acquisition of this knowledge was indirect!

Furthermore lets touch on the claim that NDA is the first one to come to teach the “Black man” Islam, and that the M.S.T.of A was the first official Islamic organization in America.  Better yet, before we touch that lets  first get on the fact that many members of said organization have even  argued that  NDA was the FIRST muslim in America which is absolute nonsense. So  real quick,  here is an excerpt from infousa.gov.  [6] from  an article “ Patterns of Muslim Migrations”  that shows early immigrations of muslims to the American cities,

“The earliest arrivals came between 1875 and 1912 from the rural areas of present-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Israel. The area, then known as Greater Syria, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. The majority of the men coming from this area were Christians, though some were from Muslim groups. Economically motivated single men for the most part, they worked as laborers and merchants, intending to stay only long enough to earn enough money to support their families back home. Some were fleeing conscription into the Turkish army. Gradually, they began to settle in the eastern United States, the Middle West, and along the Pacific Coast.”

The mention of Turks migrating to the U.S at such an early date brings to mind the lessons from the Moorish 101’s which says that the Turks are the protectors of the Islamic faith….  It is also interesting that the MSTA was established not too long after the Ottoman Caliphate fell. Prior to its fall it was noted that the Ottoman ruler had a library of Islamic Books donated to Chicago around the time Noble Drew Ali was being born. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!


Highland Park Mosque , circa 1927

Dr. Mufti Mohammad Sadiq from India, in an article from the Detroit News, Thursday June 9, 1921 says,

“This is the first Moslem mosque built in this land  (although NDA established temples and not mosques) and I am proud to have the first prayer in it, as the first imam therein. This mosque, although built for the followers of Islam, will be open to the believers of all religions for a place of rest, prayer and meditation. Mohammedans believe in worshiping but the one God. Mohammet, on whom be peace and the blessings of God, is a prophet of God who teaches us how to come into communion with Him. We are all children of the one God. There is no original sin. There is no eternal hell. The religion of Islam treads underfoot all racial prejudices. Islam teaches its devotees that when they go to any other country they must peacefully obey the laws of the government of that country. Thus it is the sacred and religious duty of every Mohammedan here to be a good citizen of America and to learn the language of the country, without which we cannot understand each other rightly”.

It further goes on to say,

Muslims first came to Detroit in the 1890s. They were drawn to the city’s booming industrial economy, and by the 1920s small Muslim enclaves had formed near automobile manufacturing plants. Detroit’s early Muslims belonged to two groups: (1) immigrants from parts of Europe (Bosnia and Albania) and the Middle East (Turkey and Greater Syria) controlled by the Ottoman Empire; and (2) African Americans, most of them from the Deep South. The Europeans and Middle Easterners were either Sunni or Shi`a. African Americans, by contrast, embraced new, alternative versions of Islam framed in response to anti-Black racism in the US. These movements included the Moorish Science Temple (founded by Noble Drew Ali in 1913), the Ahmadiyya movement (which originated in India in the 1880s and was brought to America in 1921 by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq), and the Nation of Islam (founded in Detroit in 1930 by W.D. Fard).

Detroit’s first mosque – and the first in the U.S. – was built in Highland Park in 1921, when the local Muslim population was said (in newspaper accounts) to be 16,000 strong.” [7]

Now the above link destroys the claims that NDA was the first Muslim to teach Islam in America because it tells you that Muslims first arrived in Detroit in the 1860’s. Even when it comes to the so-called negro’s enlightenment of Islam, because many of them  were apart of these various mosques prior to NDA. For example, it commonly taught that NDA started the Cannanite temple in 1913, before leaving to setting up temples in Chicago, Detroit, and other cities throughout America.[8]

So it is clear that Muslims were here on this land building mosques with African American members before NDA. The argument that NDA was here before the establishment of the Ahmadiyyah holds no water because any connections to NDA and Islam didn’t come about (or at least revealed) until after the M.S.T.A was incorporated in Illinois in the mid or late 20’s.

It is also clear, based on the source that the M.S.T. of A had obviously adopted some of the ideas from Dr. Mufti Mohammad Sadiq, which was taken directly from the Quran. Dr. Sadiq pictured below didn’t arrive into the U.S until 1920 but he set up the Al Sadiq Mosque in 1922. In 1921 he started the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya group of Islam. Interestingly according to Wikipedia (which has the sources at the bottom of the page) that,

“The Al Sadiq Mosque (Wabash Mosque) was commissioned in 1922 in theBronzeville neighborhood in city of Chicago.[1] This mosque was funded with the money donated by African-American converts and Ahmadis in India.”[9]

                            Muhammad Sadiq – First Muslimmissionary in the USA

NOTE: A mufti (Arabic: مفتي‎, muftīTurkishmüftü) is aSunni Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law (Sharia and fiqh) In religious administrative terms, a mufti is roughly equivalent to a deacon to a Sunni population. A muftiat or diyanet is a council of muftis [10]

The thing that most people do not consider is that “Mufti” is one of the titles adopted and applied by the M.S.T.A. to certain members …

“Institutional Acting Muftis. In a prison setting those who protect the property of the

Branch Temples of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc. are called “Acting

Mufti,” unless designated otherwise by Brother R. Love El, Grand Sheik of the Moorish

Science Temple of America, Inc.

The Acting Grand Sheik is in charge of the Branch Temple; Acting Muftis are selected by

him. Regardless of rank, all Acting Muftis must carry out the instructions of the Acting

Grand Sheik.

When meetings are held, one Acting Mufti is seated on each side of the Chairman.

Acting Muftis inside the meetings stand, face the east, and recite the Moorish Prayer

after the Chairman.

When meetings are held, no door should be locked unless designated by prison policy.

Staff may enter for security purposes.

Acting Muftis should have a meeting at least once per month where study is facilitated

by ann instructor or assistant. No radical or criminal issues can be taught.

Neither Muftis nor any other member can hold court to resolve violations or issues. The

Acting Grand Sheik’s solutions should be the teachings of Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

If no solution can be reached, a written request of intervention for a decision, along with

a brief statement of the incident particulars, should be forwarded to Grand Governor –

Minister of Institutional Branches, 6495 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 130, Hyattsville,

MD 20783. Copies should be included for the Grand Sheik of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.”[11]

The Mufti’s amongst the Moorish Science Temple of America are the security faction or wing of the organization. [12]But when we look at the original functions of a Mufti in Al Islam, a Mufti is a scholar and learned in Sharia Law! This tells me that it was a title applied with little or no understanding of its meaning by whoever instituted the Mufti unit within the temple. Plus members of the M.S.T. of A, for the most part do not follow “Al Islam” in its traditional form, more less Sharia Law because they feel that they are on to something new. Although they like to quote that Islam is that “Old Time Religion”. In actuality they follow very little of what Islam provides.

It is also clear that the “Grand” in the title Grand Shiekh was adopted from the Masnoic Temples and their Grand Masters. In Al Islam a Shiekh is Grand there is no need to place Grand in front of the Titile and a Sheikh is also spelled Sheik or Shaikh, or transliterated as Shaykh — is an honorific in the Arabic language that literally means “elder” and carries the meaning “leader and/or governor”. It is commonly used to designate the front man of a tribe who got this title after his father, or an Islamic scholar who got this title after graduating from the basic Islamic school. The term is often used by Muslims to address learned men of various Islamic sciences, such as faqihs, muftis, and muhaddiths, and more generally to convey respect for religious authorities.

The term is and/or was also used in certain Islamic parts of Africa, as in imperial Ethiopia by the hereditary Muslim rulers of Bela Shangul, and by certain Muslim notables of Wollo, Tigray and Eritrea. In Somalia it refers to all learned men, in a religious way, mostly do they have also political might in their town/city or clan. The scholar sheikh here can govern but cannot lead directly because the leader is the imam which is based upon the Qur’an and authentic Sunnah; on the other hand the family sheikh can always lead but cannot govern unless he is wise.

Now back to the topic of whether NDA was the first Muslim in America can be disproven in so many ways by so many scholars (Black and White) that it’s a wonder that this claim is still being made in 2012!  SEE SUNDRY FREE MOORS ACT OF 2012 HERE ON THIS SITE   for further information. But for this piece it is definitely worth mentioning that according to PRECOLUMBIAN MUSLIMS IN THE AMERICAS  by: Dr. Youssef  Mroueh,  Columbus admitted in his papers that on Monday, October 21,1492 CE while his ship was sailing near Gibara on the north-east coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque on top of a beautiful mountain. The ruins of mosques and minarets with inscriptions of Quranic verses have been discovered in Cuba,Mexico, Texas and Nevada.

Dr. Barry Fell (Harvard University) introduced in his book ‘Saga America-1980′ solid scientific evidence supporting the arrival, centuries before Columbus, of Muslims from North and West Africa. Dr. Fell discovered the existence of the Muslim schools at Valley of Fire, Allan Springs, Logomarsino, Keyhole, Canyon, Washoe and Hickison Summit Pass (Nevada), Mesa Verde (Colorado), Mimbres Valley (New Mexico) and Tipper Canoe(Indiana) dating back to 700-800 CE. Engraved on rocks in the arid western U.S, he found texts, diagrams and charts representing the last surviving fragments of what was once a system of schools – at both an elementary and higher level. The language of instruction was North African Arabic written with old Kufic Arabic scripts. The subjects of instruction included writing, reading, arithmetic, religion, history, geography, mathematics, astronomy and sea navigation. The descendants of the Muslim visitors of North America are members of the present Iroquois, Algonquin, Anasazi, Hohokam and Olmec native people.

An identical Arabic Script known as Thamudic have been found in both the Southern Arabian Penninsula and SE Colorado thousands of years old.  “A script graphically similar to the Semitic alphabet (called Thamudic) has been found in southern Arabia and up throughout the Hejaz. The script was 1st identified North of central Yemen – Thamud, – bound north by Rub’ al Khali, & south by Hadhramaut & West by Shabwah. The script named for location discovered, not the people. Inscriptions in Thamudic are found across the Arabian peninsula.”  The Thamūd (Arabic: ثمود) were people of ancient Arabia known from the 1st millennium BC to near the time of Muhammad. They are thought to have originated in southern Arabia, Arabic tradition has them moving north to settle on the slopes of Mount Athlab near Mada’in Saleh.

So without having to go on and on arguing about the obvious, all one would really have to do is Google “Muslims in America in the 17-18-and 1900’s   [13] and those links will provide a slew of evidence that disproves these claims being made. And many of these Muslims mentioned in these links were what C. Eric Lincoln refers to as “Black Muslims” in his book.


Reasearch and Written by:

 Nanya Saa Mir Areef  a.k.a Nanya Asumu El,  and Sultan: El Aemer Al Mujaddid


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