Sundry Moors Act of 2012

The Sundry Free Moors Act of 2012 is a Bill drafted by Al Murakush Society to present before the U.S. Congress in regards to the Indigenous status of Moors born Native to America. For many centuries Moors have not been properly recognized as native and indigenous to America, despite the many lawsuits and civil complaints filed by Moors from the local municipal level on up to the State & Federal level.

Moors have still failed to get formal recognition as an Indigenous population of America. American Moors or Moorish Americans, are a distinct group of Indigenous people, separate & apart from Native American Indian status, which we do not seek the same status as, but rather the same recognition as indigenous and native to America. The drafting of this bill is the most significant political issue that Moors have dealt with in centuries.

It is important that all Moors support this bill for upon its ratification Moors will no longer have to deal with the scrutiny that Moors are currently facing. This bill is essentially for the U.S. to create a separate status category for those of Moorish descent, to be recognized as an Indigenous Native American non Indian Class of People for U.S. Citizens and Non U.S. Citizens alike.

Sundry Free Moors Act 2012

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