Al Murakush Society provides a vast of array of services to our members Many of our services are reserved for members only, however there are some basic and general services we provide to those having Moorish ancestry. Our services were specifically designed with the intent of establishing solutions for Moors to document and authenticate public actions, and to educate and train Moors on the proper process & procedure as prescribed by law. Our services are administered through various subsidiary entities of Murakush Society. Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Certification: We provide certification for various purposes, depending on the particular needs of our members. Certification ranges from Certificates of Nationality and Birth Certificates, to Travel Document Certificates and Bay’ah (Oath) Certificates. If you are interested in learning more about the certificates we provide, please click here.
  • Membership: We offer membership into the Murakush Society to anyone with Moorish Ancestry. Membership in Al Murakush Society is determined by a number of factors. Acceptance into Al Murakush Society requires completion of the Application Process. For more information regarding the membership into Al Murakush Society please click here.
  • Credentials & Id’s: We offer various types of credentials & corporate identification cards to our members to serve various purposes including but not limited to compliance with national, state and local government contracting laws. For more information concerning our credentials and id’s please click here.


Our Services

Quran; Surat Al-Ma'idah 5:89
Allah does not take you to task for an idleness in your oaths, but He takes you to task for whatever contracts you have made by oaths. So the expiation thereof is the feeding of ten indigent persons with the average of that wherewith you feed your own