Membership into Murakush is determined on an individual case-by-case basis. All potential members are required to complete the membership enrollment process in its entirety to be considered Official members of Murakush. However there is a probationary member status for those potential members who are in the process of completing the membership enrollment program which involves an Islamic Moorish Naturalization process.

This process is lengthy but do not be discouraged, because it is necessary to be very thorough in our enrollment program to ensure we are safe guarding and protecting our current members, and the potential member’s interest, from any unforeseen circumstances they may arise in the future with respects to the status adjustment.

Becoming a member of Murakush has many benefits including but not limited to, being apart of a reliable Moorish Islamic community, financial assistance, debt relief, investment opportunities, religious exemptions & assistance and overall Moors who will be there in a time of need.

Murakush also fulfills the longing that Moors feel from the lack of being apart of a Moorish Nation and Government of their own, especially one in which potential members will have a direct hand in molding and shaping to become founding fathers and mothers of this great Nation we are building.

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Quran; Surat Maryam 19:78
Has he penetrated to the Unseen, or has he taken a contract with (Allah) Most Gracious?