To begin,  we want to clarify something. This particular blog is being done out of necessity because people, especially within the “Moorish Paradigm” must know the truth!

So as we  can see,  in this day and time there are  many Moorish  brothers and sisters  getting into legal situations, and are claiming that the courts do not have jurisdiction over them because of their being members of the Moorish Science temple of America and because they are Aboriginal and Indigenous. Many spin off groups  adopt this same frivolous idea. This has become more common in recent years.  According to the courts, they have been slowing down court proceedings with bogus arguments and filing frivolous paper work, and essentially becoming a thorn in the side of the Courts.  Officials  have coined the term “Paper terrorism”  to refer to the use of false liensfrivolous lawsuits, bogus letters of credit, and other legal documents lacking sound factual basis as a method of harassment, especially against government officials.[1]

It is because of this, according to a 2010 article by Louis Hansen of the Virginia-Pilot thatNorfolk Circuit Court Clerk George Schaefer said his office, which oversees records for criminal and civil cases and property transactions, has stopped accepting most Moor documents. The documents claiming new rights and immunity as foreign citizens are often frivolous…” [2] Which makes sense seeming how many MSTA members argue against Renouncing U.S. Citizenship. Many of them have even made up fairy tales about the meaning of U.S..A.on the MSTA membership card, which they call Nationality Cards. However the only Nationality on the card is U.S.A. i.e. I AM A CITIZEN OF THE U.S.A. Such was written by the Founder Noble Drew Ali. Latter students have crafted frivolous arguments about the Fourteenth Amendment not being Lawful and that all one has to do is send a letter of rescission in to Vital Statics in regards to the Applications their parents signed for them when they were new borns.

To be fair, we all know that the courts, law enforcement, and public officials, in general, have discriminated against Moors and other members of African Nations in this land we know as America. SEE SUNDRY FREE MOORS ACT OF 2012. However, in many cases, Moors, 1) obviously have not read their corporate constitutions and bylaws, 2) or are a bunch of renegades and scofflaws, 3) aren’t really members of the Corporation created by Noble Drew Ali. All three are tenable.  In Moorish Science Temple of America, a religious corporation, Plaintiff v.  City of Berwyn, a municipal corporation, defendant  in the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division,  touches on number 3 when  it says in footnote  one,

“Mr. Walton-El further identified himself as affiliated with the Moorish Consulate Post. (Init. Compl. at 2.)  We are unsure whether this entity is a subdivision of the Moorish Science Temple of America or a separate entity.  We also take judicial notice of the fact that there are apparently multiple groups that have claimed affiliation with the Moorish Science Temple of America in court proceedings around the country without the approval of that organization.”


[3]So in light of this we cannot continue to blame the courts solely for Moors ( especially those of the M.S.T.A)  lack of civic-knowledge or unwillingness to respect the laws of the land in which they are citizens of, based on what their “Prophet” said, or their own corporate by laws for that matter.  Many Moors are not a part of the said entity, but the courts have been biased against all Moors coming into their court rooms based on this. And that is whether Moors arguments or paper work is proper or not.

Members of the Moorish Science Temple and their Grand Shieks, specifically, need to be honest with the people, especially in regards to the U.S. citizenship – U.S.A. Nationality of their members. It is common for them to tell people that they don’t have a Nationality when in fact they do, and  it is U. S. A. in most cases. Many people are purchasing “nationality packages” or “freedom papers” from off of the internet from various groups of people claiming to be Moors and in most cases these same people are always U.S. Citizens. Some are legitimate members of the M.S.T.A and some are not, but are often left without a clue as to what these things mean. Most of the paperwork being sold are mixed with Sovereign Citizens mythology, or adopted from Sovereign Citizen affidavits  along with Black Power ideologies, which have made matters even worst.

Members of the Moorish Science Temple , and or adherents to their ideologies often quote statements alleged to have been made by Noble Drew Ali which they have coined “hadiths” (in order to imitate true Islamic Culture which respect to the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him ) which mentions Moors selling their own people into slavery. Many people who have never been incarcerated or read the 13th Amendment say this is being made manifest via the Nationality Packages being sold.  The mis-education or mis-representation of what the brother actually taught by temple Moors, etc… is just as much the blame for brothers and sisters within this paradigm becoming 13th amendment slaves than anything else. When your teaching that you aren’t U.S. citizens (which seems to be the main problem in Moorish court cases), and sending others up in there trying to argue these jurisdictional arguments without understanding Jurisdiction in the first place, even while you know that Noble Drew Ali ( that is Moors who follow him) didn’t teach that,  then you are the ones selling your own people back into slavery, because more often than not Moors find themselves incarcerated and no MSTA coming to their Aid, filing Appeals, sending literature, none of that! Period. Point Blank! In fact many MSTA’s may excommunicate a member for being convicted.

There are countless  Youtube videos  being made,  and  Blog talks Blasting   over the air practically  every day/ night  about the necessity of proclaiming ones nationality, although  proclaiming is just making a public announcement that your nationality is a Moorish-American, although, in actuality Moorish American  is not your nationality no more than an  Irish American’s nationality is Irish-American. There is no Constitution establishing a Nation styled Moorish America. For instance,

“Irish Americans are citizens of the United States who can trace their ancestry to Ireland. [4]  German Americans are citizens of the United States of German ancestry and comprise about 50 million people, or 17% of the U.S. population, the country’s largest self-reported ancestral group [5], and An Italian-American (ItalianItaloamericano singular, ItalianItaloamericani plural), is anAmerican of Italian ancestry.” [6]

An Arab American (Arabic: عرب أمريكا‎) is a United States citizen or resident of Arab ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage or identity, who identifies themselves as Arab. Arab Americans trace ancestry to any of the various waves of immigrants of the countries comprising the Arab World. Americans descended from immigrants of the Arab world via other countries are also included.

Countries of origin for Arab Americans include Lebanon, Syria, Palestine (mostly pre-1948 Palestine Christians as well as what since corresponds to the Gaza Strip and West Bank, plus Arab citizens of Israel), Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait in West Asia and Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania and Morocco (plus also Sahrawis from the disputed Western Sahara) in North Africa.

According to the 2008 ACS, there are 1,573,530 Arab Americans, accounting for 0.5% of the American population. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, 48% of the Arab-American population – 576,000 – reside in California, Michigan, New York, Florida, and New Jersey, respectively; these 5 states collectively have 31% of the net U.S. population.


So how is Moorish American different from say, Arab, English, Polish, Turkish, Irish or Italian or Ethiopian American(s), when the 101’s (question # 14)  [7]tell you that Moorish Americans are descendants of Moroccans born in America? Not to mention the fact that most people making these claims are 14th amendment citizens, whether they wanna accept it or not. The U.S. DOS book, Citizenship of the United States, Expatriation, and Protection Abroad says on page 460 says that  “…Moorish subjects lost their nationality only by becoming naturalized in, or protected by, another country having relations with the Moorish Empire.”  [8] In, State v. Manuel, 20 NC 122, it says that,  “the term ‘citizen’ in the United States, is analogous to the term `subject’ in common law; the change of phrase has resulted from the change in government.” SEE THE TREATY-CONVENTION OF MADRID of 1880 to which the U.S. and Morocco as well as many other Sovereign Nations were party.

Four Moors Seek Citizenship, 1899

John H. Loos, clerk of the Naturalization Bureau of the Supreme Court, had a troublesome half-hour yesterday when four Moors presented themselves before him and demanded their first papers of citizenship. They were in charge of Hassan Ben Ali, who has been a naturalized citizen of the United States for many years. The four aspirants for the citizenship were Hamed Azdued. Hamed Ben Yedr. Ambark Ben Hadji and Jahmon Ben Abdallah. The first two have been in this country for three years. They dress in American costume and speak fair English. Ben Abdallah and Ben Hadji have been here only a few months. They however insist that they could both speak and write English, and made several attempts to inscribe their names on the roll of intending citizens.Mr. Loos at last became afraid that his records would be irretrievably destroyed and asked Clerks Guntzer and Brown to interfere and induce the Moors to spell their names. After a hard struggle the three clerks evolved the foregoing names for Hadji and Abdallah. They were dressed in the Moorish garb, and wore turbans and flowing gowns trimmed with fur.The four Moors renounced their allegiance to the Sultan of Morocco with uplifted hands and swore allegiance to the United States.


Does the Unites States have treaties  with the Moorish Empire?  Ans. Yes many treaties since 1786 have been entered into.

According to Brother Milton Moore-Bey his delegation of Moors traveled from Spain to Morocco and all over the welcome was the same, qoutes from Moroccan Officials are given stating

“We knew you were in America, what took you so long to come home”? The delegation of Moors met with all of the Officials of Morocco to discuss the purpose of their travels. The Officials of Morocco expressed welcome to the Moors second country and expressed Morocco’s desire to establish a foundation of the Moorish Community in the United States. The Moroccan Citizens told the Moors, “You are our Brothers, it is our honor to treat you as such”. In the Year of 1990 the Moorish Delegation revisited Morocco and it was truly a meeting of the minds.

The Moroccan Officials told the citizens of Morocco, “These are the Moors from America coming to find their ancestors, the story of the Moorish people who went to America from Morocco and were made slaves, so come on and shake the hand of Sheikh Jerry Lewis Bey” aka Mustafa Muhammed Bey.

This was to consummate the bicentennial of our dual ties of our Moroccan American heritage, ancestry and birth right, for the Officials of Morocco themselves said that they acknowledge the bicentennial of the epic and journals of the Sundry Moors, citizens of Morocco and their descendents born in America. Our Moorish American Nationality is recognized by Morocco and let no one tell you different.

It is clear based on the context and application of Moorish American, that many Moors use it in the context of a National Origin capacity, and many use it in the context of it being a Nationality foreign to the United States, however Moorish American has failed to be recognized among the Nations of the Earth as a Nationality of a Sovereign Nation, but such is to the contrary of the Nationality “Moor”.

The definition of Moorish American according to the M.S.T.A. 101’s is basically the same or on equal footing as the definitions of Irish or German American above. Besides their ancestries or National Origins, they are all citizens of the U.S.  What they fail to understand is that that “Moorish American” is a national origin term or phrase, which refers to the country in which you were born, or from whence your “Ancestors came” it does not suffice as a Nationality foreign to U.S.A. Nationality. There are 2 parties-Nations in the Treaties between the U.S.A and the Moorish Empire and that is “Moors” and “Citizens of the U.S.A.” An alternative view is that the term Nationality in 1928 had the same use as the Modern day phrase National Origin or Ethnicity. In those days Dual Nationality or Dual Citizenship was not Legal in most countries.  That is the reason why Noble Drew Ali said that Moors in the U.S.A. were descendants of Moroccans born in America. So therefore your nationality is U.S.A; thus one would be an American or U.S. Citizen of Moorish descent.  Many of the “laws” of the M.S.T.A are INCONSISTENT WITH U.S. ETHNIC AND NATIONAL ORIGIN LAW, AS WELL AS SHARIA. For example, one Moorish website says,


“In the United States of North America there is but one way to become a Moorish American Moslem although there are those who will state differently. The ultimate basis for their reasoning is that they didn’t join the M.S.T. of A. as prescribed by the Holy Prophet Drew Ali himself. So because now days, we have a multitude of persons calling themselves Moorish Americans, we shall closely examine the following set of basic questions: 1 Who is a Moorish American Moslem? 2 Who can become a Moorish American Moslem? 3 Are we Born Moorish American Moslems? 4 Are Moorish American Moslems made?

 Now to those less lettered (educated) in Moorish law, and the Law of Nature that Allah entitled man to live by these questions may at first appear to be easy questions; so let us begin to address them: A Moorish American Moslem is a registered Member with an legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America. They pay their membership Dues & Per Capita Tax Holders of a Nationality Card issued by a legitimate Moorish Science Temple of America; fulfill their membership Duties and Obligations as outlined in the Moorish Divine Constitution and By-Laws (DCBLs) Only those (outlined in question #1) who adhere to Laws of the Divine Constitution and By-laws of the M.S.T. of A. can lawfully and rightfully become a Moorish American Moslem and be called such… Any claims of being a Moorish American Moslem’s is solely based on the premise of what Prophet Drew Ali declared who is a Moorish American Moslem’s”.


Not only is this inconsistent with U.S ethnic, national origin law and Sharia, It is also inconsistent with the Moorish 101’s, because NDA himself said that Moorish Americans are descendants of Moroccans born in America as mentioned above. One can be Moorish just by having ancestors who were Moors. One is Moslem or Muslimah after taking the Shahada (Islamic declaration of faith) or being born to Muslim parents.


So  the  Moors, who are  members of the M.S.T.A,  and similar groups  are not  absent of a nationality because their nationality is U.S.A.  and not “Moorish-American”. In Edward E. Curtis’s Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History, on page 460 he  says,

” In 1925, when Noble Drew Ali created the Moorish Science Temple of America, he told Blacks that while they were citizens of the United States, their national origin was Moorish or Moroccan. Ali issued identity cards indicating these Moorish national origins, echoing the idea that Moorish Americans, like other ethnic minorities in the United States had a proud ethnic identity that White Americans ought to respect.” (see source below)

Notice that he says that Noble Drew Ali issued “identity” cards, and he doesn’t refer to them as nationality cards, as most are doing today,  although their nationality (U.S.A) is on them.


Noble Drew Ali’s constitution and bylaws (below) clears up all the confusion in this regard.  We cannot continue to deny what they brother actually taught and laid down.  Like any ol’ corporation or organization the M.S.T.A has its constitution and bylaws[9] , which are, according to the,


“”Formal documents containing the fundamental objects and principles of an incorporated or registered organization.” [10]


All it would take is for one to read the bylaws of the M.S.T.A , (Including the judges and prosecutors) and it would be  clear to them  that members were being taught that they are Citizens of the U.S.A., therefore these exemptions from prosecution based on their affiliation with the “M.S.T.A” (or “Moorish Nation” a latter term created by MSTA members) are undeniably frivolous.  In fact,  Noble Drew Ali said that he came to make you better citizens. Now over the years “better citizens” have been construed to mean citizens of the M.S.T.A. This derives from the belief that their Prophet already made them a nation (independent of the U.S. via the Pan American Conference which he was not in attendance and was solely about the Sovereignty of Cuba)  as mentioned above .

The 6th Pan American Conference was on January 16th -February 20th, 1928 in Havanna.  And this is where and when members of the M.S.T.A said he made them a nation. The interesting thing is that many followers of his will tell you the M.S.T.A started between 1927 and 28. So the “Divine Constitution and Bylaws”  must of have been written whenever the temple was incorporated between these years. It is  obvious that he was speaking of the United States, in say, Act 4,  when he says things like, “Moorish AMERICANS  are part and parcel of this said government”. U.S citizenship was granted to all persons born in or naturalized , and subject to the jurisdiction of  the U.S. , in 1868 via the 14th amendment, therefore arguments related to them not being citizens of the U.S.A  prior to NDA  is nonsense.  So when members deny that U.S.A  means  United States of America , then they would have to explain what nation were they apart of prior to the Pan American Conference ? Because  even  if the temple was incorporated in 1927 , a year before the conference,  ”I am a Citizen of the U.S.A”  was on their membership cards.   If it was established in 1928  then why did he  put down that he was a citizen of the U.S.A, if that same year he established the M.S.T.A as a nation? Even if it was U.S.A prior to the Pan American Conference then why wasn’t it  changed before  he passed away in 1929? Why leave it the way it was prior to him making them a “clean and pure nation? Why not change it to reflect the newly-formed  nation that he  supposedly established?

The Clock of Destiny, another offshoot of the M.S.T.A (who we  will be analyzed  in a  later blog)   that was  started by Charles Mosely Bey, a.k.a C.M. Bey, touches on the Moorish American U.S.A citizenship status  in a question and answer like forum as follows,

Question: When an individual reclaim their Moorish Nationality and Birthrights are they given up their citizenship?

Answer: The Answer is NO! Moors are American citizens. They reclaim their Moorish descent or bloodline based on evidence of research and the resolutions they are in possession of. They are entitled to every right or privilege every 14 amendment citizen, Declaration Citizen and ‘White Person is entitle to. Also the world MUST be clear that the Moorish- American is pro federal government with respect of State government. The Moors respect the state government, however in the pass and many problems that citizens are encountering has always been created by state governments. It was the United States Government that always came to the aid of the Asiatic People when ever the State over stepped  their boundaries.

 Question: What about those People that call themselves Moors that want to pull away from being an American Citizen?

Answer: They were influenced by the patriot/militia/sovereign groups  materials. They use the name Moor as an attempt to justify their acts and beliefs. They are not members of the Moorish National and Divine Movement nor the Clock of Destiny Founded by C.M. Bey. They are separate group that creating their on program. ( Sovereign Citizens do not advocate Expatriation, and are Patriots!) STAY TUNED FOR THE FUTURE BLOG ON THIS MYTH.

 Question: Thirdly: Do the Moorish- Americans Vote????

Yes, Moorish American Vote. The prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moorish to cast a National Ballot. Also it was the Moors in Chicago that help the first republican ( Oscar Dupriest) in office. Also the prophet asked the Moors if they wanted an Asiatic Chief of Police…“


So now that we have established that NDA came to make them better citizens of the U.S. A,  the claims of them being a nation must be further analyzed to bring clarity. So when they are saying that they are a nation, do they mean that the M.S.T.A is a recognized nation in the sense that the Cherokee are a Nation [ Domestic Dependent Nation]? Meaning a nation subject to the U.S government. Then  what is the purpose of the phrase “Moorish Nation” and where is the Constitution that created the “Moorish Nation” and who signed it? We do know for a fact historically there have been several Sovereign Moorish Nations, and the  surviving ones include Morocco and Mauritania.  So exactly what is a nation? According to Wikipedia,


“A nation may refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history. In this definition, a nation has no physical borders. However, it can also refer to people who share a common territory and government (for example the inhabitants of a sovereign state) irrespective of their ethnic make-up. In international relations, nation can refer to a country or sovereign state. The word nation can more specifically refer to people of North American Indians, such as the Cherokee Nation that prefer this term over the contested term tribe.” [11]


So four definitions are given for the word Nation, but the second and the third definition are the one’s that fit for this particular blog.  So in light of that brief definition is the Moorish Science Temple  recognized legally as a nation? Does it have territory? Does it have a government established?  Is it a country? Do their representatives have a seat at the United Nations?  Is it internationally acknowledged as a sovereign state? Wikipedia give a list of the  Sovereign States on their website at this address  When it comes to the” Criteria of Inclusion” as far as international recognition of state hood the same website says,


“The dominant customary international law standard of statehood is the declarative theory of statehood that defines the state as a person of international law if it “possess[es] the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.” Debate exists on the degree to which recognition should be included as a criterion of statehood. The declarative theory of statehood, an example of which can be found in the Montevideo Convention, argues that statehood is purely objective and recognition of a state by other states is irrelevant. On the other end of the spectrum, the constitutive theory of statehood defines a state as a person under international law only if it is recognized as sovereign by other states. For the purposes of this list, included are all states that either:

(a) have declared independence and are often regarded as having control over a permanently populated territory


(b) are recognized as a sovereign state by at least one other sovereign state

Note that in some cases there is a divergence of opinion over the interpretation of the first point, and whether an entity satisfies it is disputed.

On the basis of the above criteria, this list includes the following 207 entities:

203 states recognized by at least one UN member state.Two states that control a permanently populated territory and are recognized only by non-UN member states: Nagorno-Karabakh RepublicTransnistria. Two states that control a permanently populated territory and are not recognized by any other state: AzawadSomaliland.’[12]


From the above we can clearly see that the Moorish Science temple of America does not qualify as a nation under customary international law. In fact it is written by Noble Drew Ali that the MSTA is a Religious Organization in the last chapter of the MSTA Koran. Complimentary it was registered as a Religious Corporation under the Religious Corporation Act and given the appearance of its Religion being Islam. MSTA members only make up a nation in the sense that they are “a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history. “  That is it. All the claims about him making them a Sovereign Nation at the convention in Havana Cuba is irrelevant in light of the fact that that they don’t qualify as a Sovereign Nation as mentioned above, and they are not listed as a sovereign state on any list! There is No Constitution establishing Moorish America as a Sovereign Nation nor any Declaration of Independence from the Moorish Nation or Moorish America.

Now do the U.S Courts acknowledge or respect the laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America?  Are members of the Moorish Science Temple exempt from U.S laws just  because Noble Drew Ali  already proclaimed them as a “clean and pure nation? “In order to answer that question it is necessary   to show what the laws of the Moorish Science Temple are. These laws are known as the “Divine Constitution and Bylaws” [13] created by Noble Drew Ali who established the religious corporation in 1926.  Those laws are applicable to the internal functions of the organization itself, and guidelines are laid down for its members on how to conduct themselves as U.S. citizens of Moorish descent. Noble Drew Ali never implied that he was not a Citizen of the United States, but to the contrary he said, “We (members) are part and parcel/partial to this said government.”  In fact his death Certificate was issued from the State of Illinois and had him listed as “American Black”.  To clarify on this point, here are some of the acts:

Act 4 -  All citizens must preserve these

Holy and Divine laws, and all citizens must

obey the laws of the Government, because

by being a Moorish American, you are a part

and parcel of the Government, and must live

the life accordingly.


Act 5 -  No Moorish American is to cause any confusion or to overthrow

the Laws and Constitution of the said Government but to obey hereby.


Act 6 -  With us all citizens must proclaim

their Nationality and we are teaching our

people their Nationality and their Divine

Creed that they may know that they are a

part and a parcel of this said Government,

and know that they are not Negroes, Colored

Folks, Black People or Ethiopians, because

these names were given to slaves by slave

holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during

the time of slavery. But this is a New Era of

time now and all men now must proclaim

their free National Name to be recognized

by the government in which they live and

the nations of the earth. This is the reason

why Allah, the Great God of the universe,

ordained Noble Drew Ali, the Prophet, to redeem his people from their sinful ways.  The

Moorish Americans are the descendants of

the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the

North Western and South Western shores of


It becomes confusing because those particular bylaws seem to be the premise for the claims that Moors help establish the U.S, or that Moors help write or influenced the writing of the constitution, among other things.  Even though the U.S Department of State admitted in 1906 that Moorish treaties with Euro Christian Nations influenced how citizenship in the U.S.A. is determined, [14]there is no evidence that Moors had anything to do with the drafting of what Noble Drew Ali called, “one of the greatest documents of all time”. Besides that fact that it was written after the treaty with Morocco was entered into. It is also important to note that it was this “great document” that discriminated against “Africans”  being members of it’s body politic, even though it was a Moorish African Nation that first recognized the U.S.A as a nation publicly and placing them on the same status as any other Euro Christian Nation.

In Dred Scott v. Sandford, Chief Justice  Taney says,

“The words ‘people of the United States’ and ‘citizens’ are synonymous terms, and mean the same thing. They both describe the political body who, according to our republican institutions, form the sovereignty, and who hold the power and conduct the Government through their representatives. They are what we familiarly call the ‘sovereign people,’ and every citizen is one of this people, and a constituent member of this sovereignty. The question before us is, whether the class of persons described in the plea in abatement compose a portion of this people, and are constituent members of this sovereignty? We think they are not, and that they are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word ‘citizens’ in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States. On the contrary, they were at that time considered as a subordinate [60 U.S. 393, 405] and inferior class of beings.”

He continues,

“The question then arises, whether the provisions of the Constitution, in relation to the personal rights and privileges to which the citizen of a State should be entitled, embraced the negro African race, at that time in this country, or who might afterwards be imported, who had then or should afterwards be made free in any State; and to put it in the power of a single State to make him a citizen of the United States, and endue him with the full rights of citizenship in every other State without their consent? Does the Constitution of the United States act upon him whenever he shall be made free under the laws of a State, and raised there to the rank of a citizen, and immediately clothe him with all the privileges of a citizen in every other State, and in its own courts?

The opinion thus entertained and acted upon in England was naturally impressed upon the colonies they founded on this side of the Atlantic. And, accordingly, a negro of the African race was regarded by them as an article of property, and held, and bought and sold as such, in every one of the thirteen colonies which united in the Declaration of Independence, and afterwards formed the Constitution of the United States. The slaves were more or less numerous in the different colonies, as slave labor was found more or less profitable. But no one seems to have doubted the correctness of the prevailing opinion of the time.

The general words above quoted would seem to embrace the whole human family, and if they were used in a similar instrument at this day would be so understood. But it is too clear for dispute, that the enslaved African race were not intended to be included, and formed no part of the people who framed and adopted this declaration; for if the language, as understood in that day, would embrace them, the conduct of the distinguished men who framed the Declaration of Independence would have been utterly and flagrantly inconsistent with the principles they asserted; and instead of the sympathy of mankind, to which they so confidently appealed, they would have deserved and received universal rebuke and reprobation.


Many of the acts within the M.S.T.A’s bylaws  are construed by its members to mean that the “said government” that they are referring to is not the U.S. Government which is a Federal Corporation, but the Moorish Government. Not the Moroccan Government, not the Mauritanian Government, not any of the Sovereign Moorish States of the Barbary Coast the U.S. is in treaty with, etc… but the M.S.T.A.,  a Illinois Religious Corporation only having power over its members, and all other corporate powers granted to any Corporation registered in the U.S.A. be it foreign or domestic, but such powers do not exceed the sovereign power of the U.S. Government to whom by national allegiance the MSTA members belong.


Since the M.S.T.A. was founded by a U.S. Citizen and is composed of  U.S. Citizens or Citizens of the U.S.A. alike that would mean it does not fall under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act as an Instrumentality of a Foreign State or owned by a Foreign Nation or Foreign Nationals.  Like the Roman Catholic Church for instance is owned by the Vatican City officially Stato della Città del Vaticano which is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of just over 800. Vatican City State was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty, signed by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Gasparri, on behalf of Pope Pius XI and by Prime Minister and Head of Government Benito Mussolini on behalf of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.  We point this out to clarify the false concepts floating around that the MSTA is on the same footing as the Vatican.

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the world’s largest Christian church, with more than one billion members worldwide. Headquartered in the independent enclave of Vatican City within Rome, the Catholic hierarchy is led by the Pope and includes cardinals, patriarchs and diocesan even if clergymen in the Roman Catholic Churches of America are U.S. Citizens the Christian Religious Corporation itself is an instrumentality of a Foreign State or alternatively owned by Non U.S. Citizens. So registration wise, as a Religious Corporation, the Roman Catholic Church is on the same Footing as the MSTA or any other Religious Corporation but neither the Roman Catholic Church nor the MSTA are recognized as the Vatican is;  as a Foreign Sovereign State.


“A religious corporation is a type of religious non-profit organization, which has been incorporated under the law. Often these types of corporations are recognized under the law on a subnational level, for instance by a state or province government. The government agency responsible for regulating such corporations is usually the official holder of records, for instance a state Secretary of State. Religious corporations are formed like all other nonprofit corporations by filing articles of incorporation with the state. Religious corporation articles need to have the standard tax exempt language the IRS requires.” [15]

These technicalities are not to put down the Status of a Religious Corporation, a lot of things can be done with that type of entity and direction after all it is common that Corporations build States. However they do not have the same status in law, even though States are Corporate being in Nature, State status is higher than Corporation Status in general. Corps like the MSTA should be looking towards establishing a State, which would be the next level.  We will get into a few of the cases involving Moors in general, some of which deal with the M.S.T.A. The case-law below should answer the questions originally presented in the blog. These cases also will show you the attitude of the courts concerning these claims.



In the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Northern Division

Kalliaten Sekhneb khepera-Bey

Formerly known as khaval Stewart                                             Civil No.:WDQ-11-1269

Plaintiff, V. Santander Consumer, U.S.A, Inc., et. al.,


“To the extent Khepera-Bey relies on the laws of the Moorish Science Temple, those laws are not recognized by United States federal Courts as binding legal authority.” De Bey, 2012 WL 176586.  [16]



August 24, 2005.

PTAH HERU RA OSIRIS, et al., Plaintiff,
DEVON BROWN, et al., Defendants.

The opinion of the court was delivered by: FREDA WOLFSON, Magistrate Judge

The Complaint alleges that the plaintiffs, members of the Moorish nation or “Moorish Amexem”, are political prisoners at SWSP, and that the defendants do not have jurisdiction over them. It appears that they seek their release from state custody based on their Moorish heritage. They do not request damages.

Ptah essentially argues that he is immune from the laws of the United States because he is a Moorish citizen. However, he is unable to establish any basis for this claim. First, all citizens of the United States are subject to American laws, and there is no indication that Ptah is not a United States citizen other than his claim that his nationality is Moorish Amexem.

Second, even if Ptah is a Moorish citizen, he is an alien under United States law, and as an alien, he must obey the laws of the United States.*fn3 While residing in the United States, plaintiff has a duty to conform to the laws of this country. Aliens residing in the United States do not differ materially from native or naturalized U.S. citizens. See Leonard v. Elay, 151 F.2d 409 (10th Cir. 1945); Khattab El I v. United States Justice Dep’t, 1988 WL 5117 at *2 (E.D. Pa. Jan. 22, 1988).

Third, Ptah alleges no facts to establish diplomatic immunity from prosecution in the United States. Only designated representatives such as diplomats and ministers recognized by the U.S. Department of State are entitled to immunity from prosecution under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, April 18, 1961, Art. IV, 23 U.S.T. 3227, and the corresponding federal statute, 22 U.S.C. ?? 254a-254e. Ptah cannot unilaterally assert diplomatic immunity. United States v. Lumumbra, 741 F.2d 12, 15 (2d Cir. 1984). Further, the United States has not recognized the sovereignty of the Moorish Nation, thus precluding sovereign immunity claims. Khattab El I, 1988 WL 5117 at *2. [17]


Fuller-Ali V. City of Highpoint

In the United States District Court For the Middle District of North Carolina

February 19th, 2010

Noble Freddie L. Fuller-Ali, Plaintiff, Pro Se


City of Highpoint, Defendant.

“ *fn1 Plaintiff and others like him, who sometimes identify themselves as members of the “Moorish Nation”, often proclaim themselves in lawsuits as descended from indigenous peoples who predate the founding of the United States and are exempt from its laws and the laws of the states. These individuals often append the words “El”, “Ali”, or “Bey” to their last names to signify their Moorish ancestry. Numerous courts have already held as patently frivolous claims by these litigants that they are somehow immune to this country’s laws by virtue of their membership in organizations such as the Moorish Nation. See ElBey v N.C., b.d of Nursing, No. 1:09cv753, 2009 WL 220166, at *1-2 (M.D.N.C. Dec. 31, 2009)(collecting cases). Thus, to the extent that Plaintiff argues in his response brief that he is immune from various laws by virtue of his “indigenous” ancestry is clearly wrong.” [18]


Pierce El-Bey v. North Carolina Board of Nursing


December 31, 2009


The opinion of the court was delivered by: P. Trevor Sharp United States Magistrate Judge

Plaintiff is wrong in his belief. It is well-recognized in the courts that organizations such as the Washitaw or Moorish Nation are: notorious organization[s] of scofflaws and ne’er-do-wells who attempt to benefit from the protections of federal and state law while simultaneously proclaiming their independence from and total lack of responsibility under those same laws. Sanders-Bey v. United States, 267 F. App’x 464, 466 (7th Cir.2008) (finding that “the Washitaw Nation … is not recognized by the United States government“); Bybee v. City of Paducah, 46 F. App’x 735, 736-37 (6th Cir.2002) (finding that the “Nation of Washitaw” is “fictional”); United States v. Gunwall, No. 97-5108, 1998 U.S.App. LEXIS 18596, at *11 (10th Cir. Aug. 12, 1998) (rejecting claim that the court had no jurisdiction over a member of the Washitaw as “frivolous”); Bey v. Louisiana, No. 08-cv-0250, 2008 WL 4072747 (W.D.La. July 11, 2008) (finding that plaintiff’s claim to land as a member of the Washitaw was “patently frivolous” and rested on documents of “dubious legal significance”); Great Seal Nat’l Ass’n of Moorish Affairs v. 46th Dist. Ct. of Oakland County, No. 06-CV15625, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 3199, at *2 (E.D.Mich. Jan. 17, 2007) (dismissing claim that plaintiffs owned several parcels of property by virtue of their Moorish ancestry as “baseless, fantastic, and delusional” and finding the complaint to be “indecipherable”); Khattab El v. U.S. Justice Dep’t, No. 86-6863, 1988 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 544, at *5 (E.D.Pa. Jan. 22, 1988) (holding that “the United States has not recognized the sovereignty of the Moorish Nation, thus precluding sovereign immunity claims”).

El-Bey v. United States, No. 1:08CV151, 2009 WL 1019999 (M.D.N.C. Jan. 26, 2009)(unpublished). Any claims or arguments raised by Plaintiff which are based on those organizations or which rely on documents or arguments based on the doctrines of those organizations are clearly frivolous.[19]


Interesting thing about U.S. Law is that the Treaties with Moorish Nations that the U.S. has, mainly with Morocco, are ratified and classed as U.S. Treaties i.e. U.S. law. So the idea that many Moors have about U.S. law is clearly unintelligible.

The only thing that would surprise me is if a Moor do right~ Noble Drew Ali







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